Concept Before Perfection
Welcome to Danceworks Unlimited!  

We provide a safe, fun, and family
driven environment in which to teach
your child to explore the art of dance.
Please feel free to explore the website,
and also scroll down for summer
happenings at DWU!
Pictures are in stop into the studio Friday July 19 from
5:30-7pm, or Monday July 22 from 6:00-7:30pm to pick them up!

Summer Session 2013
July 29th through August 9th 2013

5:30-6:30pm Adult Tap
5:30-7:30pm Intermediate/ Advanced Intensive
5:30-7:30pm Beginner Intensive
4:30pm Pre-dance
4:30pm All Level hip hop
5:30pm Beginner Acro
5:30pm Adult Ballet
6:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Acro
6:30pm Adult hip hop/ Jazz
5:30-7:30 Intermediate/ Advanced Intensive
5:30-7:30pm Beginner Intensive

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